Rubber Pressure Bag for Belt Vulcanizing Press Machine

Rubber Pressure Bag for Belt Vulcanizing Press Machine

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Antai Rubber Pressure Bag adopts full rubber design, no steel frame, lightweight and pressure distributed more evenly, effectively and efficiently.  It’s applied to both water pressure and air pressure mode.  It’s independently designed and developed by Antai’s own R&D center. The quality and performance is greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world. It’s a good choice to be compatible with Almex vulcanizing press perfectly.


Our company’s R&D department lasted 5 years and successfully developed rubber high-pressure water bags in 2005. This revolutionary technology has completely overturned all types of conveyor belt vulcanizing press technology and perfectly replaced the old-fashioned vulcanizing press hydraulic plate. The joint effect reaches a new height. “ANTAI” vulcanizing machine has a leading position in the market competition with its core technology and high quality.

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1. The appearance is neat and tidy. The whole rubber high-pressure water bag is formed by one-piece rubber vulcanization, and there wilbe no leakage in repeated use.

2. With high pressure, it can be fully expanded without secondary pressurization, which can ensure that the conveyor belt vulcanizer is evenly compressed during the belt joint and repair process. The tested safety pressure range is within 2.5Mpa, which fully meets the requirements of the vulcanizer joint.

3. Lightweight design, the weight of the rubber pressure water bag produced by “Antai” is only a quarter of the old water pressure plate, and it increases than old type in body expansion, the fixing bolts on both sides only need to be tightened gently with a wrench when installing the equipment.

4. The pressure range is large. The rubber pressure water bag produced by “Antai” has only a 1.5CM frame around it, compared with more than 5CM frame of the old water pressure plate, which effectively increases the pressure area and improves the vulcanization quality.



  • Non-frame design
  • Scientific lightweight structure
  • Even, effective & efficient pressure distribution
  • Reliable, durable and energy-saving
  • Size and dimension customized

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