Sectional Belt Vulcanizing Press ZLJ Series Heavy-duty Type

Sectional Belt Vulcanizing Press ZLJ Series Heavy-duty Type

Short Description:

New type Vulcanizing Press, one kind of heavy weight vulcanizer, use new design components, including pressure bag, traverse bars with standard heating platen and control box.

Product Detail

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Usage Fabric belt 100 p.s.i. (7 kg/cm sq.)
Steel cord belt 200 p.s.i. (14 kg/cm sq.)
Max. Belt Width From 650mm to 3000mm
Pressure System Water pressure bag (it’s also able to use air pressure.).  Press for 100 PSI, 200 PSI etc., surface pressure for textile and steel cord belts, up to 1.8Mpa.
Vulcanizing Temperature Vulcanizing temperature: 145℃ (adjustable 0~200℃)
Cooling System Pressure pump for cooling, cooling time only 5mins (cooling from 145℃ to 75℃).
Degrees of Heating Platen  Bias angle 22℃ or 17℃, 20℃, rectangle and other degrees for options.
Voltage 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 440V, 480V, 660V, or as per customer’s request.



1. 200 p.s.i. (14 kg/cm sq.) units are suitable for splicing steel cord conveyor belting.

2. It adopts high tensile steel bolt and nut assemblies.

(For low pressure requirements, also have light weight aluminum material)

Improved restraining system is simple and easy to use, protect against hazards that might result in the event of a bolt failure.

3.Lightweight aluminum platens use new rapid cooling system inside of platens.

4. Customization: heating platen angle configurations and multiple platen arrangements are also available as per customer’s request.

5.New electrical connecting system: Old-fashioned design plug & socket is of flat plug, the plug pins are easy to be broken. Our new plug design is more scientific and reasonable. It operates very easy, safe and reliable.

6.Pressure bag system:

It’s able to proceed by both water and air, one time molding, without metal frame, light weight and testing pressure out of factory reaches to 2.5MPa (old-fashioned design pressure bag fixed with metal frame and bolts, heavy weight.)


A. Automatic pressure pump with pressure gauge, allows easy application of pressure up to 200PSI for steel cord belting. The whole process will be full-auto mode. After using new cooling system in heating platen, it can cool down from 145℃ to 75℃ within 5 minutes.

B. Cooling pump , when it works with air compressor, air pressure, such cooling pump can be used for cooling. (Please note that, if have any special requirements of the cooling pump working voltage, please inform us before order, standard voltage is 220V single phase)


Sectional Vulcanizing Press ZLJ Series are suitable for the jointing in these fields: metallurgy, chemical industry, metal mining, power plant, ports, docks. The surface of the jointing is smooth, and it can reduce the abrasive and make the conveyor belt to work for a long time.


Recommended Working Parameters:

Curing pressure: 1.0-2.0 mpa;
Curing temperature: 145 °C;
Vulcanization plate surface temperature discrepancy: +/- 2°C;
Heating Time (from room temperature to 145 °C) is not more than 30 mins;
Related Voltage: 380V, 50 Hz, AC, or as per customer’s request;
Output Power: 36 KW;
Temperature Adjustment Range: 0 ~ 200 °C;
Timing Adjustment Range: 0 ~ 99 mins

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