DB-G type Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Peeling Machine for Splicing

DB-G type Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Peeling Machine for Splicing

Short Description:

The DB-G type steel cord conveyor belt peeling machine is a new type of steel cord conveyor belt peeling equipment researched and developed by our company independently. It is divided into two types: ordinary type and explosion-proof type. It is easy to operate, high efficiency, and low labor intensity. It can complete the peeling work of various types of steel cord conveyor belts. It is a common auxiliary equipment for various steel cord conveyor belt vulcanization joints, which is uses in various scenarios. Domestically original and internationally leading.

The separation between the upper cover rubber, lower cover rubber, core rubber and steel wire ropes of various steel cord conveyor belts.

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1. The peeling speed is fast, which can greatly reduce labor intensity and reduce the time required for jointing;

2. Light weight, easy to carry and transport;

3. Stable operation.


Technical Parameters

1. Electromechanical power: 0.75KW

2. Linear speed: 0.3m/s



1. The power supply must be operated by a professional electrician;

2. When using, the machine should be fixed to prevent sliding;

3. When peeling off, the width should not exceed relevant requirements.



Conveyor belt vulcanizer, also called conveyor belt vulcanizing press or belt vulcanizing press machine. It’s a vulcanizing equipment and tools for repairing & splicing of conveyor belt.  It suits for various conveyor belts, such as EP, rubber, nylon, canvas, steel cord belt, etc.

The belt vulcanizer is dependable, lightweight and portable machine, which is widely used in the field of metallurgy, mining, power plants, ports, building materials, cement, coal mine, chemical industry, etc. Heating platens are available for rhombic, rectangular and modular type (two or more sets of heating plates together).


When working on belt repairing or splicing, the layers are hard to be peeled off, so the DB-G type steel cord conveyor belt peeling machine would be a good helper.  It will make splicing job much easier and more efficient.

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