Conveyor Belt Joint Vulcanizers

  • Conveyor belt vulcanizing press for hot splicing

    Conveyor belt vulcanizing press for hot splicing

    The main parts of vulcanization joint machine are made of high strength aluminum alloy. It is equipped with automatic explosion-proof electric cabinet and has 0-2Mpa even pressure offered by the pressure system, so it is easily operated, portably carries. It warms up by electric heating element, so it works stably with high thermal efficiency and homogeneous temperature.


    1. Vulcanization pressure 1.0-2.0 MPa;

    2. Vulcanization temperature 145°C;

    3. Difference in surface temperature of vulcanized plate ± 2°C;

    4. Heating up time ( from normal temperature to 145°C )<25 minutes;

    5. Voltage 220V/ 380V/415V/440V/480V/550V/660V, 50/60HZ, 3 phases;

    6. Temperature adjustment range: 0 to 199°C;

    7. Timer adjustment range: 0 to 99 minutes;

  • Air pressure water cooled vulcanization machine

    Air pressure water cooled vulcanization machine

    1) It’s equipped with ZJL automatic control box.  In case automatic control failure, you can switch to the manual control mode.

    2) Classic high tensile aluminum alloy. When pressure reaches to 2Mpa, it only creates invisible deformation.

    3) Durable steel clamping device, special structural design, safe and reliable.

    4) Electric water pump, save time and flexible to control vulcanizing pressure. It makes the same vulcanizer suit for various conveyor belting project ( air pressure system for optional).

    5) Pressure device adopts rubber pressure bag, saving 80% weight than the traditional platen. Flexible rubber bladder provided uniform pressure and high effeciency. It passes the test of setting pressure 2.5 MPa and become the most popular pressure system.

    6) Almex type heating blanket, whole heating plate made by hard aluminum alloy. Thickness is only 25 mm, to reduce weight and save energy. It only needs around 20 minutes to rise from room temperature to 145 ° C.

    7) Build-in water cooling system, from 145 ℃ to 70 ℃ need only 15-20 minutes.

  • Sectional Belt Vulcanizing Press ZLJ Series Heavy-duty Type

    Sectional Belt Vulcanizing Press ZLJ Series Heavy-duty Type

    New type Vulcanizing Press, one kind of heavy weight vulcanizer, use new design components, including pressure bag, traverse bars with standard heating platen and control box.