Edge Repair Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Conveyor Belt Repairing

Edge Repair Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Conveyor Belt Repairing

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Edge Repair Vulcanizing Press for Rubber Conveyor Belt, a rubber conveyor belt repairing machine, is mainly used for repairing small areas of conveyor belt, puncture damage, especially suitable for repairing long area tears and damages along the longitudinal direction, scratch repair, the middle belt repair, etc.  It is one of the best tool and solution for hot vulcanization repair, a good helper for partial repair of conveyor belts.  Its easily used to repair conveyor belts on site.  Its time-saving, efficient and user-friendly.

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Model XL-1000*270
Splicing Length 1000mm
Heating Platen size 1000mmx270mmx28mm
Heating Platen Bias Angel 90 Degree
Gross Weight With Package 110kgs
Distance from edge 250mm
Control Box Voltage As Customer’s Requirement



The belt repair machine is widely used, and can be applied to the transportation joints of the on-site glued conveyors in metallurgy, chemical industry, metal mines, power plants, ports, docks, etc.


User Application Method

(1)Fill glue in the damaged areas that need to be repaired;

(2)Put the bottom plate, pressure plate and lower heating plate under the damaged areas of the belt according to the structural diagram.

(3)Put the upper heating plate and insulation board on the damaged areas of the belt.  Align the top and bottom plates.

(4)Install the lock shell equidistantly and then tighten the bolts.

(5)Connect the primary cable to power source and electrical control box. And then connect the secondary cable with the control box and the upper and lower plates.

Please note that it should match the corresponding signs on the control box.

(6)Connect one end of high pressure hose with the inlet of pressure plate. And connect the other end of high-pressure hose with the outlet of water pump.  Switch on, increase pressure through vulcanizing machine.


The equipment can be customized as two type: oil pressure and water pressure.

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