Rail-mounted Spot Repair Vulcanizing Press for Conveyor Belt

Rail-mounted Spot Repair Vulcanizing Press for Conveyor Belt

Short Description:

Rail-mounted Spot Repair Vulcanizing Press for Conveyor Belt, a rubber conveyor belt spot splicing and repairing machine or tool, is used for repairing side or middle of rubber conveyor belt.

The advantage of this machine is that the heating platen is slideable, which is convenient for repairing small damage in the middle of the conveyor belt.

There are various heating platen sizes for choice, 300x300mm, 200x200mm, etc.

Customer can just tell us their work needs, so we can customize the machine as per the real work needs.

Product Detail

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  • High strength aluminium alloy structure - lightweight and robust;
  • Slideable heating platen design - quick repair spot positioning;
  • Screw rods on both ends - to ensure safe and reliable operation;

Application :

The belt vulcanizer is dependable, lightweight and portable machine, which is widely used in the field of metallurgy, mining, power plants, ports, building materials, cement, coamine, chemicaindustry, etc.


Application Method

  1. Move the machine to the repair site.
  2. Filglue in the damaged areas that need to be repaired.
  3. Place the lower frame under the belt and align the upper slideable heating platen with the damaged area.
  4. Place the upper frame above the belt, and then place the lower slideable heating platen just under the damaged area of the belt.
  5. Press the hydraulic lever untiit reaches enough pressure level.
  6. Connect the primary cable to power source and electricacontrobox. And then connect the secondary cable with the controbox and the upper and lower plates.
  7. Please note that it should match the corresponding signs on the controbox.
  8. Turn on the controbox and start the vulcanizing repair process.

Under the condition of ensuring the working conditions on site and strictly following the operation procedures, the belt joints bonded by this “hot vulcanization” method can generally reach more than 90% of the service life of the mother belt, which is the connection mode of belt joints with the highest bonding strength at present.

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