What are the protective measures for the conveyor belt?

  • Effective selection of conveyor belts

The selection of conveyor belt must take into account various factors, mainly: the relevant regulations of belt conveyor on system conveyor belt; Landform natural environment standards and safety regulations; The type, shape and characteristics of transportation raw materials, and stipulate large network bandwidth, support in work and transportation ability; Minimum diameter of drum; Grooving and transverse bending stiffness: Load support point; Distance between curve segment and connecting segment; Tightening method and schedule, receiving point and standard, and running cycle time of conveyor belt; Provisions on impact resistance and resilience, connector standards, etc.

  • Reduce the damage of belt conveyor components to the conveyor belt

The foundation of each component of belt conveyor is standard machinery and equipment. When ordering, the products of belt conveyor manufacturers should be selected, and the precision and quality of each component can be ensured only by manufacturers with good reputation in belt conveyor manufacturing. Each component shall be installed according to the current standard conveying machinery and equipment installation specifications and engineering acceptance technical specifications. Components (such as side skirts, scrapers, various ore feeders, etc.) which are very easy to damage the conveyor belt should be adjusted more during installation to reduce damage, and more attention should be paid to patrol during operation.

  • Lifting of feeding equipment structure

The daily task of the feeding equipment is to ensure that the transported raw materials are loaded on the belt conveyor, and the service life of the belt is related to the structure of the feeding equipment. The design scheme of feeding equipment structure has the following provisions: when loading raw materials into belt conveyor, the speed and orientation of raw materials should be close to the operation speed and orientation of conveyor belt; Raw materials should be installed on the conveyor belt management center, and raw materials should not be scattered outside the belt conveyor; When transporting bulk raw materials, minimize the impact of raw materials on the conveyor belt and minimize the ratio of height to width; The feeding amount is adjustable, and the excellent working ability is maintained; Maintain continuous feeding to ensure continuous material flow on belt conveyor.


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