Vulcanizing Industry Analysis Report

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At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 disease began to spread around the world, millions of people worldwide were infected with COVID-19 disease, and major countries around the world have implemented foot prohibitions and work at home. Except for the medical supplies and life support products industries, most industries have been greatly impacted, and Vulcanizing Industries have also been greatly affected.


From 2015 to 2019, the growth rate of global Vulcanization market size was in the range of . At the end of 2019 and all year of 2020, COVID-19 began to erupt in all over the world, Due to the huge decrease of global economy; we forecast the growth rate of global economy will show a decrease of about 4%, due to this reason, Vulcanization market size in 2021 will be with a growth rate of . This is percentage points lower than in previous years.

We made one Market Research for Rubber Belt Vulcanizing Industry.

There are some very important points that we discovered in our research.It’s the market distribution has not changed. It’s still mainly distributed in developing countries.  Based on various factors such as low economic operating costs, the Belt Vulcanizing Machine and related Accessories Products also be required lower cost and price.This requires today’s new type and economical Belt Vulcanizing Press. New type and economical vulcanizing machine not only low price but also high efficient operating,so that rubber user can finish vulcanizing work in a short time,so that save much more cost of work time.

So, we came to the conclusion that current New Type and Economical Vulcanizing Machine is more suitable to our most of developing countries.

As we know, vulcanizing Industry are closely related to Rubber and Conveyor Belt Industry. So we will pay attention and make many more researches about these two industry markets in the future.

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Post time: Jul-15-2021