The New Policy Opens Up The Bottleneck Of Industry Development

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China Rubber Industry Association has always focused on the main line of industrial restructuring and green development, and actively worked as a bridge between the government and the industry to serve the development of the industry; Insist on promoting industry transformation and upgrading under the guidance of standards. In 2020, China Rubber Association actively reflected the actual situation of the rubber industry in accordance with the Letter of the Ministry of Commerce on the Adjustment of the Catalogue of Prohibited Commodities in Processing Trade, and finally deleted “2907210001 resorcinol” from the prohibited catalogue of processing trade; Coal tar is the main raw oil for carbon black production. In the National Hazardous Waste List implemented in 2016, coal tar is listed as hazardous waste, but coal tar for carbon black is not listed on the exemption list, and must be managed as national hazardous waste, which has a serious impact on carbon black production. China Rubber Association has been actively applying to relevant state departments. Finally, in the National Hazardous Waste List (2021 edition) reviewed and approved on November 5, coal tar for carbon black production was Completed the formulation and compilation of Technical Guidelines for Formulating Emergency Emission Reduction Measures for Key Industries in Heavy Pollution Weather, Technical Guidelines for Grading Performance Control of Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry and Technical Guidelines for Grading Performance Control of Carbon Black Industry by Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and released them in June. In 2020, China Rubber Association released 10 group standards for rubber products, tires, rubber machinery molds, rubber shoes, recycled rubber and skeleton materials; In addition, “E-series Recycled Rubber” issued by China Rubber Association was listed in the 100 group standard application demonstration projects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2020.


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