Rubber Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press and Its Development History In China

As a continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials, belt conveyor is widely used in large coal mines, large metal mines, ports and docks, thermal power, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemicals, food and other industries, and is an indispensable important technical equipment for modern industry and modern logistics industry. With the continuous improvement of production efficiency and the continuous expansion of production scale, large belt conveyors with long distance, large capacity and high belt speed have become the main development direction.

With the increasing requirements for the width and strength of conveyor belts, the defects of traditional conveyor belt joint methods have become increasingly prominent, and even directly become one of the main problems affecting coal mine safety production.

Conveyor belt vulcanizer is a kind of mechatronics equipment which can transform linear rubber molecules into spatial network structure under specific heating and pressing conditions, thereby improving rubber properties and achieving the bonding effect of conveyor belt joints. Under the condition of ensuring the working conditions on site and strictly following the operation¬†procedures, the belt joints bonded by this “hot vulcanization” method can generally reach more than 90% of the service life of the mother belt, which is the connection mode of belt joints with the highest bonding strength at present.


Development History And Geographical Distribution Of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer Industry In China

In 1984, Shanghai Baosteel Group, the largest iron and steel company in China, imported the first sectional conveyor belt vulcanizer in mainland China from Shaw-Almex Industries Ltd of Canada, which pioneered the application of “hot vulcanization joint technology” in the field of large conveyor belts in China. Since then, with the application of conveyor belt vulcanizer in many industries and large enterprises in China, such as port terminal (Dalian Beiliang Port Authority), thermal power plant (Zhejiang Beilun Power Plant), coal mine (Pingshuo Antaibao Open-pit Mine), cement (Shandong Dayu Cement Plant), nonferrous metals (Jinchuan Nickel Mine, Gansu Province), etc., this advanced conveyor belt joint connection technology has been widely recognized by the industry, and conveyor belt vulcanizer and repairer have also been contested by large industrial and mining enterprises.

The huge market demand for conveyor belt vulcanizers has attracted a large number of domestic manufacturers to imitate or develop them. For a time, many conveyor belt vulcanizers manufacturers with the sample version of ALMEX sectional vulcanizers purchased by Baosteel have mushroomed, standing in the north and south of the great river.

After more than 20 years of market baptism, at present, the manufacturers of conveyor belt vulcanizers in Chinese mainland mainly gather in three regions: the northern region with Tianjin as the main part, the central region with Qingdao as the main part and the southern region with Wuxi as the main part.


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