Qingdao Antai Play a Role in Alibaba Super September – Year 2021

The current global trade is rapidly digitizing on the one hand, and traditional buyers and sellers are transforming online. On the other hand, fragmentation is accelerating, and more and more new buyers are rush into the large international trade e-commerce platform – Alibaba.com.

The way to establish communication between buyers and sellers has also been completely changed. In September of this year’s Purchasing Festival, factories across China, will fully show themselves to the world through new forms such as B2B live broadcast, short video, and 3D exhibition hall.

For buyers, whether it is live broadcasts, short videos, or 3D exhibition halls, it is a brand new upgrade of buying and selling communication, allowing buyers to make order decisions that were originally difficult to make gradually faster and easier. In short, “The original issue of at least two air tickets can now be solved by a short video.”

The September Purchasing Festival is so powerful, what should foreign trade businesses pay attention to in actual combat? On August 13th, at the launch of the conference, Ding Wei, a senior industry operation expert at Alibaba International Station, gave her three tips:

1. Make preparations before the big promotion. Understand the big promotion live broadcast, understand the big promotion supply chain, and set up live room coupons;

2. Strengthen self-marketing. Familiar with basic self-marketing channels and tools, promote big promotion rights to historical buyers, make appointments in advance for buyers to participate in live interaction;

3. Guarantee the quality of interaction. During the promotion period, we will ensure efficient and high-quality inquiries responses, ensure high-level explanations in the live broadcast room.

“If the majority of merchants make these preparations before the big promotion, I think it is inevitable whether it is the stickiness of old buyers or the acquisition of new buyers.” Ding Wei said.

There are still several days to go before the September Purchasing Festival. I believe that at this moment, this September will be different. Let’s rekindle business together and start it up!

Certainly, as a host of Qingdao Antai, to all of our dear friends, there is also a good news here. From September 1st to September 9th, 2021, there will be our live shows on Alibaba.com.
It would be warm welcome to your visit coming soon. Of course, there will be attractive discount waiting for you in our live room.

How to go into our live room?
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Post time: Aug-30-2021