How to do well in daily maintenance of conveyor belt

How to do well in daily maintenance of conveyor belt

After a period of operation, the conveyor belt solves the problem of removing slag and smoke from its periphery and its driving wheel. Workers should always pay attention to the operation of the conveyor belt.

When the temperature is high, the vulcanized rubber is easy to soften or embrittle due to the temperature hazard. In the case of long-term fine cracks, the rubber strip is easy to crack, which reduces the service life of the super heavy conveyor belt, and then leads to the premature destruction of the industrial production conveyor belt.

When purchasing industrial equipment, application enterprises should not only carry out inspection on their own characteristics, but also put the key of inspection on the performance index of conveyor belt, such as the quality of vulcanized rubber applied by polyester conveyor belt and the quality of vulcanized rubber in the original factory, etc., and should carry out detailed observation and inspection.

Common problems in the use of rubber conveyor belt

The center line of the rear roller driven by one end or the roller changed into the axis and the conveying line is not straight, which leads to the error that the roller in the change of the conveying belt roller needs the roller at the head or at the tail. With skewed rollers, the belt tightness on both sides of the rollers is inconsistent, and the traction FQ along the width direction is inconsistent, with the trend of adding or cutting, which will make the rated cutting direction moving force FY delivered, causing the conveyor belt to run off to the loose side, that is, the so-called “loose does not run fast.” The adjustment method is: the head roller, such as the right side of the conveyor belt roller, will travel on the right side of the bearing seat, and the left roller of the conveyor belt will be adjusted repeatedly until the belt is in an ideal orientation. Adjusting the drive or drum in front is the best device for accurate orientation.

Errors in roller processing on the outer surface, diameter caused by viscous material or uneven wear, and errors on the larger diameter side of the conveyor belt. The so-called “run big but not run small”. Force condition: FQ - the moving component of the large diameter end, and FQ - where the traction force of the conveyor belt occurs, and the conveyor belt runs off. For this situation, the treatment method is to clean the sticky material on the surface of the roll, and replace it with the packaging from scratch if the processing errors and wear are not good.

The bearing seat device orientation and the center straightness error of the conveying line are big, which leads to the error of the bearing section of the conveying belt. The forward running of the conveyor belt supports and pulls FQ forward, and the traction force of the support and rotation force FZ and the transverse force FC is divided. As for the transverse weight of the axial movement of the roller, the roller bracket fixed roller does not move axially, which inevitably produces a reaction force FY to the conveyor belt, which makes the conveyor belt move to the other side and then causes errors. The deflection force when carrying the idler set device is clear, which is not difficult to understand, and the adjustment method becomes clear.


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